How the rules got fiddled to make sure a public private partnership got pushed through

Jul 12, 2012
In 2008 British Columbia’s controversial public private partnership (P3) program was in trouble. With P3s private companies put up financing for public services and infrastructure and in exchange get to manage the projects with guaranteed profits for decades.  The cost of private finance was always higher than if government borrowed the money itself, but in… View Article

Sliammon votes: what opportunities might come by sharing more than two sides of the story?

Jul 4, 2012
Sliammon (Tla’Amin) Nation, located on the northern segment of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, is making history.  But not in the way that may have been expected. After over ten years of negotiations, the vote for a final treaty agreement was to take place on June 16th, 2012.  The intention, according to both the Sliammon Treaty… View Article

Time for a Serious Conversation about Natural Gas

Jun 22, 2012
It is pretty clear that the government’s ill-conceived Energy Plan is falling apart. The near religious call for self-sufficiency has been moderated (though not sensibly changed) and the legislated requirement for insurance eliminated. The plan to develop run-of-river and wind IPPs for export has been abandoned. The problem of charging major new industrial customers less… View Article

Why do the citizens of Maine have a voice on free trade deals but Canadians don’t?

Jun 22, 2012
Canada is now facing east and west as it attempts to negotiate trade deals with both Europe and in the Pacific region.  Both of these new deals are being negotiated in secret.  There is no room for the public to know what is being traded away or to express an opinion. Does negotiating a trade… View Article

Marc responds to the Minister

Jun 22, 2012
Well, my paper with John Calvert on BC Hydro certainly touched a nerve with the BC government. In a long piece for the Vancouver Sun, Energy and Mines Minister Rich Coleman lashes back. It is great to see the BC government engaging on the issues we raise, but Minister Coleman’s lengthy denial suggests to me… View Article

Blowing in the Wind

Jun 20, 2012
I suppose I should feel guilty, just as I imagine the good citizens of Rio might feel when they complain about the giant Jesus towering over the city, but I just don’t like the windmill at the top of Grouse Mountain. For me, it not only is a manufactured blight on an otherwise stunning landscape,… View Article