The myth of the left-wing CBC

May 24, 2012
To anybody following CBC TV’s news and current affairs over the past five years, it’s no surprise that far from tilting leftward, the Mother Corp gives disproportionate access to Conservative politicians, as noted in Peter Stursberg’s book (see Charlie Smith’s article in the Georgia Straight).  An even broader concern is how CBC is framing issues. … View Article

Inequality undermines collective action on climate change

May 23, 2012
Much has been written of late about the costs of inequality — the social and health costs, the costs to democracy and social cohesion, and the costs to the economy and productivity. But here’s another cost to rising inequality that has received less consideration — the costs to our climate. As we seek to urge… View Article

A decade of eroding tax fairness in BC demands progressive tax reform

May 23, 2012
(with Marc Lee and Iglika Ivanova) Most British Columbians would agree that everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. And most assume that the wealthy pay more, not only in straight dollars, but also a higher tax rate as a share of their income. So most would probably be shocked to learn that, in… View Article

From Bad to Worse — The Latest in BC Energy Policy

May 23, 2012
It is, I suppose, not surprising that the government would step in and effectively terminate the BC Utilities Commission’s hearing on BC Hydro’s rates. The issues and the evidence were getting embarrassing. In its rate application, BC Hydro reported that by 2014  it will be purchasing over 5000 GWh of private power that it acquired… View Article

So why is all the good writing on privatization of liquor distribution in the business press?

May 17, 2012
Privatization of government assets is always a controversial subject.  One side says the genius of the marketplace will cut costs and improve efficiency.  The other side says costs will go up and the public will lose control.  One thing both sides should agree on, however, is that the process should be transparent.  Thanks to Business… View Article

De-growth or growth? Maybe we don’t need to figure that out

May 16, 2012
There has recently been a renewed interest in the question of whether the ecological crisis means we need to see (or plan for) a stabilization or even a decline in economic growth. This week there is a major conference on degrowth in Montreal. York University’s Peter Victor has made important contributions to this debate in… View Article