Coal association gets free pass on election advertising while public interest groups chilled

May 8, 2013
Just when I thought the situation with BC’s third party advertising rules couldn’t get any more ridiculous, this comes in from the “Are You Kidding Me?!” department: According to The Tyee, a three page advertorial for the Canadian Coal Association “extolling the virtues of BC’s coal industry” in last week’s Globe and Mail has been… View Article

The call for a BC poverty reduction plan: where have the parties landed

May 8, 2013
The CCPA is a founding member of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition (PRC), which for over four years now has been advancing the call for a comprehensive BC poverty reduction plan. Its Open Letter calling on the BC government to adopt a legislated plan has been signed by hundreds of organizations. The PRC has now… View Article

Vancouver child poverty rate is second-highest in Canada

May 8, 2013
The story of child poverty in Canada is very much an urban story. One out of every 10 children living in urban areas was poor in 2010, compared to one in 20 children living in non-urban areas. Three quarters (or 76%) of all poor children in Canada lived in one of the urban centres shown… View Article

Beyond the economy: Where are BC’s major parties on health care and our aging population?

May 7, 2013
By Shannon Daub & Janine Farrell We have been surprised, to say the least, at the lack of public discourse around health care during this election period.  As a top-of-mind issue for British Columbians, you’d think it would be as central as the always large and looming economy. So what are the burning issues in… View Article

Final election fact sheet: Enhancing social support for seniors living in BC

May 6, 2013
We have completed the last of our series of three fact sheets on seniors issues in preparation for the upcoming election! This fact sheet highlights the importance of communities that are inclusive and accessible to people of all ages and abilities.  And, while it is important for seniors to “age in place,” they must also be… View Article

Debt Free BC?

May 4, 2013
It is pretty clear that the election-inspired promise of a debt free BC is not to be taken seriously. There is no credible market analysis indicating that the royalties from B.C. LNG exports would be sufficient to do that in 15 years, as the Premier would have it. The potential for increased gas supply from… View Article