The BC government’s updated climate (non-)plan: This is not leadership

Aug 19, 2016
Today, after many months of delay (on a Friday afternoon in summer), the BC government finally released an updated “Climate Leadership Plan.” Except it isn’t one. It’s not a plan, it’s not leadership, and it doesn’t get us nearly where we need to go on climate action. I see no notable shift from what I wrote… View Article
Photo by Garth Lenz

Fracking, earthquakes and hydro dams? Don’t worry. We have an understanding.

Aug 17, 2016
This is the second of two posts. Read the first here. Efforts by BC Hydro to ban potentially destructive natural gas company fracking operations in the vicinity of its biggest dams fall well short of what an Alberta hydro provider has achieved, raising questions about why British Columbia isn’t doing more to protect public safety…. View Article
Photo by Garth Lenz

Big dams and a big fracking problem in BC’s energy-rich Peace River Region

Aug 16, 2016
Senior BC Hydro officials have quietly feared for years that earthquakes triggered by natural gas industry fracking operations could damage its Peace River dams, putting hundreds if not thousands of people at risk should the dams fail. Yet the Crown corporation has said nothing publicly about its concerns, opting instead to negotiate behind the scenes with… View Article

The wrong direction: A presentation on the proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion

Aug 10, 2016
Presentation to the federal Ministerial Panel holding consultations on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Proposal Presented in Burnaby, August 10, 2016 Thank you for this opportunity. My name is Seth Klein, and I am the BC Director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Our office has spent the last eight years hosting the… View Article

Dependence on tips leaves women workers vulnerable to sexual harassment

Aug 8, 2016
Recently tipping in the restaurant industry has been the subject of two national opinion polls, both of which suggest the public is divided on the ingrained social practice that is tipping. In early May, the CBC conducted an online poll asking, “Is it time to end tipping?” Only about 12 percent said No, while over… View Article

Correcting the Fraser Institute’s crude assumptions

Jul 25, 2016
The Fraser Institute’s new report, The Costs of Pipeline Obstructionism, claims that lack of new export pipelines to tidewater is costing Canada $2.02–$6.4 billion dollars per year (depending on the assumed oil price). The authors offer the following table, based on exports via the proposed Energy East pipeline, as evidence (Table 1 from page 10… View Article