Poverty Reduction: When will the government start listening to British Columbians?

Oct 17, 2016
If the government were listening to British Columbians, it would have heard that families are struggling to make ends meet because of rising food and housing costs, childcare fees, MSP premiums, and hydro rates. It would have heard that over 1,000 people in the highest-ever homeless count in Vancouver this year are new to homelessness…. View Article

Our recommendations for the 2017 BC Budget

Oct 17, 2016
On September 22, we presented CCPA-BC research and recommendations for BC’s 2017 Budget at a public hearing as part of BC’s 2017 budget consultation process. Here’s what we told the Committee. At first glance, BC appears somewhat isolated from the economic challenges facing the rest of Canada. Headline economic indicators like GDP growth and job creation… View Article

Massey Bridge P3 borrowing costs yet another problem

Oct 14, 2016
As more information becomes available about the controversial $3.5-billion, 10-lane Massey Bridge project, concern about the project increases. Issues had already been raised about the cost and need for the project given questions about traffic growth, but the publication of two new documents raises concerns about the plan to build the bridge as a public private… View Article

CETA: A significant shift from democratic governance

Oct 13, 2016
Imagine a far-off dystopia when foreign corporations are given the same status as citizens in public hearings. When the overriding priority for government in issuing licenses for fracking, pipeline and other projects is to make the process simple for corporations. When, regardless of how much a project is opposed by the public, governments have to… View Article

For-profit care of seniors proven to be inferior

Oct 11, 2016
Vancouver Coastal Health recently announced it will close two publicly owned and operated residential care facilities in Sechelt. The creation of 600 new beds will be contracted to private for-profit facilities. The decision to go with private for-profit beds contradicts the scientific evidence about ownership and residential care quality. We reviewed the link between ownership… View Article

Why is the CEO of a big Canadian bank giving speeches about climate change and pipelines?

Oct 7, 2016
Royal Bank of Canada CEO David McKay made a few headlines last week when he offered his thoughts to the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce on the energy and climate challenges facing Canada. In his speech he called on the federal government to help get fossil fuel resources to market by approving new bitumen pipelines and… View Article