British Columbia Auditor finds costly failings in Province’s first hospital P3

May 23, 2011
A new report by British Columbia’s Auditor General has debunked nearly every benefit claimed so far for public private partnerships (P3s). The Auditor General’s report on a Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA) project adds to earlier criticisms by his counterparts about failings in P3 hospital projects in Quebec and Ontario.  The BC report, released on… View Article

Have we completely bought the idea that “There Is No Alternative”?

May 18, 2011
Once again, over the last few weeks Canadians have had energy costs on our minds. Prices at the pump rocketed up to nearly $1.50, while the price of a barrel of oil was actually going down. What can we possibly do?  Industry officials blame unrest in the Middle East and floods on the Mississippi. Former… View Article

On the Forest Fire Front Line: One Ecologist’s Take on What it Will Take to Safeguard Communities

May 13, 2011
With one of the colder springs on record, many British Columbians quite naturally yearn for a good stretch of warm, dry weather. But for many people in the province, prolonged periods of hotter and drier weather are often far from welcome. That’s because when things get hot and dry they burn. And in many regions… View Article

Thousands more millionaires in Canada

May 10, 2011
In case you were worried, the Financial Post reports that “new wealth” will continue to be generated in Canada and be one of the developed countries to “have some of the biggest concentrations of millionaire households by 2020.”    I’m feeling so relieved, aren’t you? A Deloitte LLP report predicts that 2.4 million households in Canada will… View Article

Open government a Cabinet secret declares BC Minister

May 7, 2011
I love reading Estimates debates in the legislature.  It is a rare opportunity for Opposition critics to grill their assigned Cabinet Ministers at length.  Sometimes the oddest things come out.  On Wednesday the NDP Critic Doug Routley was questioning the Minister for Citizen Services and Open Government Stephanie Cadieux.  It turns out that following up on… View Article

Lessons for Ottawa from Victoria, Lessons for Victoria from Ottawa

May 5, 2011
Many Canadians have expressed fear about what our new national government, a majority elected by a 39% minority, will do now that it has four years of real power.  For those concerned Canadians, British Columbia offers a lesson. BC’s government has discovered from an independent study that their HST is not revenue neutral.  It will… View Article